At the end

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On the day of the end of the 15th edition of the MMKW, I would like to pay tribute to Kazimierz Wiłkomirski. It is his musical talent as a cellist, conductor, composer and teacher, his almost Renaissance approach to life brings us together today, in the era of a pandemic, a little differently, in front of a computer screen. We invoke his authority, finding in his compositions both artistic values ​​and invaluable pedagogical material. Every artist knows how important authority is in the life of a young person, and how important is the hand of a master.

Thanks to this extraordinary attitude, as well as the attitude of the organizers of the first editions of the competition, Ms Antonina Kasprzak-Górska, her husband Kordian Górski, Ms Ewa Szyrner and the jurors who influenced the shape of the event for many first years, prof. Andrzej Zieliński, prof. Kazimierz Michalik, prof. Stanisław Pokorski, prof. Stanisław Firlej, we can inspire and promote young artists. Each of the cellists performing on this stage, each of the jurors and organizers of this event, contributes to the development of Polish culture.

I am full of respect for the current jurors of the competition, whose names appear in the protocols of the last editions and who, with their authority, endorse decisions important for young cello students. They are prof. Markus Nyikos, prof. Urszula Marciniec-Mazur, prof. Zdzisław Łapiński, prof. Rimantas Armonas, prof. Adam Klocek and Dr. Tomasz Lisiecki.

Competition K. Wiłkomirski is an opportunity to present young cellists in a repertoire covering almost the entire spectrum of music history. The program requirements are high, but thanks to this they provide young performers with the opportunity to fully show their personality. As the secretary of the jury, I had the opportunity to listen to a bit of the jury’s discussions and I know that it was the jurors who wanted to show this own personality the most. Each of us – those who love and practice music – are at a certain stage on the road to perfection, and what stage we are at right now, perhaps they reflect the results of the competition in a way. But this is the moment. How will it be in two years – we’ll see. The motivation to increase the pace on this path to excellence varies. Some people are motivated by success and others by knowing that there is room for improvement. I would like it to coincide with the results of the competition in this case. That everyone, regardless of the result, leaves Poznań virtually knowing that it is worth working. I would like to hear young performers in two years. See them develop and enjoy their successes.

I would like to thank all the participants and teachers for the effort put into preparing the competition program, thank the Jurors for their work and study, thank you for visiting our website so many times that at one point, colloquially speaking, “it got hot” and together with my computer scientist Łukasz Wikira we were terrified . We are happy, and I think the contestants with us, that we have been watched many times in most European countries and in the USA.

I would also like to express my gratitude to all those who were involved in organizing the event. All those whose work is often not visible to us, and without whom the event could not take place.

We will continue and develop the Kazimierz Wiłkomirski. The next one will take place soon, in two years. I invite young artists and all of you to participate in the sixteenth International Youth Cello Competition. Kazimierz Wiłkomirski in 2022.


Yours faithfully

Jacek Fokt
Director of POSM2

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